"SEP’’ ''Social Entrepreneurship Project: “Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Growth” in Developing Countries

1 st International Training from Aug 17-21, 2020. in Manchester U.K.



Social Entrepreneurship Project is an exciting opportunity for youths, youth workers, Community & Education Leaders from age 18 – 55 (Male & Female) from Azerbaijan, Pakistan & Azad Kashmir to undertake a transformational learning journey. The Training Program is to share, reflect, and develop individual innovative social business idea(s), actualizing of social entrepreneurship ideas and creativity. SEP create a space to connect, contribute and get inspired through training and activities, delivering a social action project and providing opportunities to meet people from other cultures. Participants are empowered to make a positive impact in their local community, and undergo personal development along the way.

V2020 is seeking 15 participants from Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Azad Kashmir to participate in the International Training program in Manchester (England) in March 2020.


This Capacity Building Program (CBP) embraces both performance and conformance issues, the program strives to empower participants with tools necessary for a disciplined work-life, individual responsibility assumption and other tools necessary to develop a passion for effective and efficient work-life.


A new mindset and paradigm shift with passion for work-life, will see participants more dedicated to high and effective performance matrix, ensure effective attendance at work; leading to high achievers and performers among participants on the program.


  • To promote social entrepreneurship among youths, youth workers, trainers, community education leaders,

  • Social Entrepreneurs project multipliers at International and Local level.

  • Raise disciplined and responsible workforce today for tomorrow’s business.

  • Equip, prepare and make participants a better and responsible workforce.

Overall Objective:

  • The core objective of this program is to empower participants with actionable tools for dealing with organizational challenges and situations which will invariably prepare them for higher functional roles.

  • Increase the knowledge, skills and capacities of participants to support Socio-Entrepreneurs in their respective communities, learn and train young people in social entrepreneurship concepts and principles for socio-economic sustainability

About Us

V2020 is a registered charity organization with charity number 1142264 registered in England and Wales United Kingdom. We currently deal with diverse training and empowerment programs both at European and International levels.

In 2013,14,15, 16 & 18 several projects were delivered under the Youth in Action & E+ Programs, and we are looking to deliver more.


Our team of experts are versatile in project management and delivery. They have more than 25 years’ experience in training delivering and empowerment having hosted more than six different project groups from different International and European countries over the last six years.

Participants on our programs gained valuable and practical experience making them job ready thereby enhancing their job mobility

Duration: 8 days including travel days

Registration Fee: £20.00 only (Non-refundable) Successful applicant will be informed by e-mail.

Cost: International training Fee £695.00 includes:

  • Letters of invitation for visa Assistance,

  • Training Fee,

  • Training Materials,

  • Training Venues,

  • Name Badges

  • Airport Pick and Drop As A Group,

  • Accommodation with Breakfast For 8-Days,

  • Lunch & Dinner Meals For 8-Days,

  • Intra city transportation as a group When Required,

  • Visits to small scale businesses & learning centers,

  • Certificates at the end of Training


Contact   Us

Olofintila Ayodeji

Program Director

Usama Zafar

Project coordinator

Training Date: 23rd – 30th March 2020

Class size: Maximum 15 participants

The V2020 is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and diversity. We welcome applications from all sections of the community.







Physical Address: 1 Matthews Lane, Manchester, M12 4QW.

Correspondence: 4 Fallow Avenue, Manchester. M18 7GD

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